From Our Farm To Your Table, 100% Grass Fed Beef!

Grass-fed beef is more nutritious than feedlot beef, and the management of cattle on pasture is better for the environment too. 

We offer beef by the quarter, half, or whole animal. Our family farm is located in Stanwood. We fulfill orders of beef for our happy customers located in Snohomish, Skagit or Island County.


When we say small farm, we mean small - limited availability:

We’re a small family farm. This means our cows are happy and healthy. This also means that we only butcher 5 cows per year. We will sell our beef ¼ at a time, which means we will max out at 20 reservations per year!

You can reserve your ¼ order with a down payment. If you want to order a half or a whole cow, you can do that also.

$4 per pound if you'd like to work with the butcher directly (order your cuts), you pay your cutting and wrapping separately. Or for $7 per pound, we'll handle everything for you and deliver it to you. Use the button to send a text or call me directly at 425-239-1940.